Setting up your Account for the first time

To use setup your student account on the Nkumba student portal you need

1.       A valid email address (Used to reset your account in case you forget your password).

2.       A telephone contact

3.       Access code for continuing students and Student Number for New Students starting August 2015 Intake

4.       An Internet Connection

5.       Internet Explorer 10 and above or Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome.

   If you are having problems activating your account please contact NUICTS office.

Security Guide Lines

1.       On your first time login you will be prompted to change your password. Please enter a password of at least 6 characters and do not share it with anyone else

2.       For all changes in your student portal you will be notified by email. If these changes were not initiated by you, please report this to the NUICTS office immediately.

3.       Your are advise to change your password at least thrice a semester to increase the security of your account.

4.       When accessing you account in public places like internet cafes, ensure that you log out properly.


Below are the guidelines for setting up you account

Accessing the student portal url (http://enkumba.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug/portal/)

a.       For New students start August 2015 Intake Use the student  number on your admission letter and the user id as well as the password

b.      For Continuing Student, use you access number as your user id and password






Enter your surname in order to verify your account as shown below


Text Box: Enter your surname for the account to be verified.



Rounded Rectangle: Click Ok for the account to be verified.Rounded Rectangle: As shown here

Once you have clicked ok ;then your  account will be verified

Then enter your new password is the form as shown below


Rounded Rectangle: Enter the new password, confirm the password ,email and register mobile phone and click Change password



Once you click change password then pop up window will come up showing you that your password has been changed. as shown below




Login into the student portal with your student ID number and the password created as shown below

Rounded Rectangle: Enter the User ID that is either the Student ID  number or Access Codes  and the Password

 First Time Enrolment

1.       Here you are required to enter the and semester you are enrolling into. For example if your year of study is 1 semester one you would select

2)      Click login to access your account , once you login then you will be required to enroll for semester as shown below ;then click the enroll button


Rounded Rectangle: Enter the Year of Study, and finally specify the residence status depending on whether you intend to be a resident or non-resident

4)      Then you will be enrolled successful




Paying Fees

a.      Full payment

After enrolment, an invoice for that semester you have enrolled in is generated and the total amount displayed in the yellow area as shown below.

1.       To pay all the fees for the enrolled semester at once click the button labeled “clear it all now”. This will generate a payment advice slip for you to use in the bank

2.       Click “continue to print” to print the payment advice slip

3.       Print out this advice slip and pay in any of the branches of the banks indicated on the slip

4.       This demonstrated below


Once you click ok, There will be yellow banner at the  center showing the total to be paid for as shown

Rounded Rectangle: The Yellow banner indicates the total to be paid for


Click the clear button to clear all payments; then payment pay slip will be generated as shown with all  the details

Rounded Rectangle: Click continue to print the pay slip




Click the Continue to print button to get print out of the pay slip as shown, the pay slip will contain more details with items you are paying for.


b) Making part Payment


If however, you do not have all the fees totaling to the invoice amount, you can pay in installments. To this follow the steps below

1.       On the left menu, under the section of Finance, click the menu “Make Part Payment”

2.       In the Center, a form will show up showing you how much money you are expected to pay and how much you have so far paid

3.       And at the bottom, the amount you want to pay now

4.       Enter the amount you want to pay now (The money you have) NOTE: THIS EXCLUDES BANK CHARGES

5.       Click continue to proceed

Rounded Rectangle: Select Make Part payment


Then enter the amount , hat you would want to pay for and click continue as shown below


Rounded Rectangle: Enter the amount you would love to pay for and then click the continue button



Once you have entered the amount you want to clear for then click the continue button , again pay slip will be generated as shown below



Again click on the continue to print button to get the print out of the pay slip;



c) Making Miscellaneous Payment

These are mainly payments you make on demand for example you lose you ID and you need a replacement.  To do this, follow the steps below

1.       Click the Menu for Miscellaneous Payments and the Finance section on the left

2.       A table will appear with all the payments listed with a check box at the beginning of each row

3.       To select an item, check the box at the beginning of row and where necessary double click the quantity cell of that row to change the quantity then hit “ENTER” on your keyboard

4.       As you select, the amount on the right hand panel keeps changing to indicate the total amount based on your item selection.

5.       When done, click continue just below the total sum on the right hand panel



To miscellaneous payments please select miscellaneous payment and click it to see list of items to select from to make the payment as shown below

Rounded Rectangle: Select Miscellaneous payments and it show options that are available



5)      Once you select item from the list , the total is computed for the item or list items selected in shown in the blue Banner on the right 

Rounded Rectangle: When item is selected, its total will be reflected in the total on the right banner as shown


6)      Then click the continue button in the blue banner on the right  to continue to make the payment  as shown

Rounded Rectangle: Click Continue to print button to get print out pay slip as shown below



7)      Then click the Continue to print button to get print out for miscellaneous payments as shown below